Data Matching Software Development

Data matching software allows organizations to identify the same piece of data located in different datasets.

This happens based on criteria which is the same among the different sets of data for that specific piece of data using a concept called Record Linkage.

Record Linkage can include internal customized software which connects customers from a CRM and a system backend into a unified database, comparing commissions of salespeople to the list of deals and activities they have closed, or compare different uploads from different customers.

eLink Design is experienced in producing high quality systems that meet or exceed customer expectations, regardless of customer requirements. eLink has the capacity to develop custom data matching software, irrespective of the use-case. Instead of being constrained by out-of-the-box systems which can require significant modification of the base system in order to properly function, eLink Design can build a completely custom solution which takes all of the unique aspects of your business, required use-case, and both internal and external processes into account for an optimized data matching system for your organization. Ourwell-received process allows your organization to provide feedback through each clearly defined development phase, while sticking to scheduled time-frames and pre-approved cost estimates. Using Agile methodologies, such as Scrum, we focus on processes which allow for rapid changes along the development cycle. Our development process is designed to ensure that the final software solutions meet both current and future user requirements in support of strategic business goals and objectives.

For effective data matching software development, the eLink Design process includes a series of steps:

  • Preliminary analysis | describe costs and benefits
  • Data analysis, requirements defined | define project goals
  • Software design | describe features and operations
  • Development | the real code is written here
  • Integration and testing | bring all the elements together
  • Acceptance, installation and deployment | final stage of initial development
  • Maintenance | system is properly assessed
  • Evaluation | entire system developed is properly evaluated

The most effective way to protect information and information systems is to integrate security into every step of the systems development process.

Data matching or Record Linkage is the process of comparing any number of datasets based on information that is shared between those datasets. Information such as IP Address, date-of-birth, UPC code, or any other unique identifier can be used to connect separate datasets which, if connected and combined, would allow for better organizational efficiency. In the case of records that are not easily matchable, an Entity Resolution interface can be developed which allows organizations to see any disparities between datasets and easily update records to conform to desired formats and match with the existing data sets. In the event of more complex and variable datasets, eLink can utilize elements of information about a record called Deterministic Record Linkage in which records are assumed to match based on a pre-set threshold of similar record identifiers. If even greater flexibility is needed and a wider range of data is required to be matched, the potential for different weights and thresholds depending on the type of data can be used in a process called Probabilistic Record Linkage or Fuzzy Matching.

In the preliminary analysis, eLink works to identify the organization’s objectives for the new software, the requirements for optimal functionality, and the full scope of the subject which requires development. Any problem that the organization faces with related yet incompatible datasets within the organization can be investigated allowing us to find out what the objectives of the client are and how to best reach them. By understanding an organization’s full objectives and unique and specific problems, eLink is able to build more efficient and better data matching software as the approriate solution.

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